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July 22, 2007

Name that Burger


McDonald's have launched a new campaign to name their new burger. Yes I know its so exciting that why are they offering a $20,000 prize when the act of naming a burger should be the prize itself.

Another promotion running where consumers are giving the power to determine product decisions is Master Foods' Dolimio pasta sauce promotion. Wow and you thought naming a burger was fun!

Doritos did this earlier as did Pepsi when they let people design their cans.


And speaking of McDonald's I thought I'd throw to these great posters for McDonald's in France done by illustrator Andy Smith. I'm not sure what they say but I probably wont eat at Quick Hamburger when I'm in Paris next time.

July 18, 2007

Simpsonize Me & Yellow Fever

The Simpsons movie is 8 days away (I would say how great it is but I've been told not tell anyone I've seen it) and we're heading into the biggest marketing push Fox has ever done. So big they have put together a website to showcase the promotions. See Yellow.


What's not on there is the new Simpsonize Me tool for Burger King. Just launched by CP+B.

Now it's a little rough around the edges (read: buggy) but when it does work it's actually pretty cool. Uploading a face definitely takes the grunt work out of creating a character.


Here's me Simpsonized. I had to adjust the hair but it's a pretty good likeness. It's even captured my terrible fashion sense. I also Simpsonized myself age 80. As you can see I no longer wear glasses and my ears are bigger but I've now got a great sense for fashion. I look forward to my Versace days to come in my 80's.


What's confusing is that the official Simpsons site has their own Create your own Simpsons avatar tool. Here's the Simpsons character I created a few weeks back. To launch two similar online initiatives seems a waste and also takes the allure off the BK one.

What's missing from both is a gallery function. I want to see other people's characters. I want to see them all in a huge crowd shot. I guess I'll have to browse the Flickr groups and fan forums for my fix.

And and if you dial you age in at 200 this is what you get. Don't do it as you have to upload your photo again after.


As for what else is happening outside of what's mentioned on See Yellow, there is also:

Harpers Bazaar:
This great Simpsons Harper's Bazaar spread. That will tickle the fashionistas.


Twelve artist inspired limited edition Simpsons Vans. That should keep the sneaker freaks happy.


Samsung are releasing a Limited Edition Simpsons mobile. This and the Yellow XBOX 360 will keep the tech geeks happy.


And finally we have the Limited Edition Donut Packaging for The Simpsons Movie soundtrack. Now trust me when I say that you will be singing the Spiderpig theme when you leave the cinemas. This will keep me happy at least.


Both Samsung and Vans should have created official sites for these promotions. Their corporate sites (Vans | Samsung) don't even mention these at all. You can't rely on bloggers as your only form of information distribution!

Even more detailed info can be found on Wikipedia.

July 16, 2007

Private Dick: The Movie


From Grand Union [UK] comes Private Dick Movie

It's a mock 70's porno. You could say a "spoof" but that word has a different meaning in the world of porn.

This is the latest work for the Department of Health, the previous campaign (one of my favs) can be seen here & here.

We'll post up the banner campaign for this soon.

ron_jeremy_cover.jpg And if the world of porn is something of interests you, then you might want to check out Ron Jeremy's The Hardest (working) man in Showbiz Rob at Soap is currently reading it and says it's a great read.

July 5, 2007

HBO Voyeur

HBO made TV worth watching (read: downloading) but now they created a short experimental film and backed it up with an amazing web experience. Created by BBDO and Big Spaceship, HBO is reported be be spending $7-10 million on this campaign. But it looks the money, so I say good on them for creating something different.

Introducing HBO Voyeur.


There's also downloads of all the apartments, the music, which features the likes of Clint Mansell and fits the mood nicely, screensavers (60MB worth) and a blog. But not one of those blogs that just a bunch of PR and BS, they hired a writer and asked him to document the project. A smart move that resulted in a blog that feels right and is actually working well for HBO at explaining something which is quite ambiguous. On top of all this the flash work is slick and really ties in the experience.


There's also phone numbers to call, character social page profiles, fake websites, and real world events tied to this promotion. HBO are calling it "Hyper Media". So add that to your Buzzword Bingo sheets ladies and gentlemen. More info on the blogs FAQ section. The film was launched by projecting the video onto the side of a building in NY. See the screen below.


Here's the trailer for the project

All they need now to satisfy my thirst for content is a making of video.

I'm not sure if the Ikea wardrobe site influenced this at all. Also Requiem for a Dream featured the scene of the old lady cleaning her apartment and stylistically it feels like this. Also Clint Mansell did the music for that too.

I look forward to seeing how this expands and pans out.

June 7, 2007

Celebration Dance


The press release explains this better than I can:
"Celebration Dance is where football fever meets Saturday Night Fever. Choose a Socceroos player and make them move. Pull off a star celebration dance routine and hear the crowd roar."

The 3D is a little uncanny valley for me but well animated. I would have also liked an endurance mode but like most people you only have a minute to spare for these things so the short gameplay works I guess.

I actually didn't even know there was an Asian Cup. So hopefully no dodgy Italian type team to steal a victory :)

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