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January 13, 2009

Queensland Tourism Offers The Best Job in the World

Project Seek bannerSMALL.jpg

It's not often you see a tourism campaign that creates such an amount of buzz. All for the right reasons.

Tourism Queensland's latest promotion "The Best Job In the World" is offering a 6 month blogging/caretaker job for A$150k salary has been picked up the world over. Here on the BBC

Owning the term "best job in the world" on Google is quite a feat in itself. What I love about the campaign is it creates awareness of Queensland and it's fantastic weather, it a promotion with an amazing prize that you want to share and once it's all over you end up with 6 months worth of blog entries from an eager winner.

Here's the official press release

"They will also have access to and report on visits to all the Great Barrier Reef islands that run from Cairns to Bundaberg.

"How would it be if you were suffering the current harsh Winter in New York, Paris and London to be able to escape and work somewhere as amazing as the Great Barrier Reef."

Applications are open until February 22. Eleven shortlisted candidates will be flown to Hamilton Island in early May for the final selection process and the six month contract will commence on July 1.

The campaign will run in the Australian domestic market and 10 key international markets, making it Tourism Queensland's first truly global campaign."

Check the buzz on Twitter and other microblogs here

The only thing I didn't like was the fake job applicant videos. It wasn't needed. Spotted on Mumbrella

Great effort on the PR front and well done to the client for going with this. I look forward to seeing how this pans out.

The site is slow to respond which makes me feel like it's getting hammered right now. Which is both good and bad. Let's hope they get this fixed soon.

Update: They are moving the site to a new server but even the news has picked up that the site has crashed.

I was told over 1,000,000 visitors to the site in a day.

Update: The campaign is by CumminsNitro Brisbane.
Who I think wished their site would crash ;)

December 21, 2008

Last Guy Blog Part

Pretty cool. Check the official site out to play on any site.

December 16, 2008

NFS Undercover Game


EA Australia have released a multi-player racing game to promote the latest from the Need for Speed franchise NFS Undercover. The game was created by new Sydney digital agency Future Buro which is headed up by previous Fluoro founders.

Fluoro were responsible for the previous NFS game which was full 3D where as this game is a much scaled down 2D racer. The small dimensions allows it to fit into your iGoogle page. I think this is a better promotion although not as flashy. Why promote a 3D racer with a scaled down 3D racer? It's like trying to sell gourmet pizza by giving away plain pizza.

In recent news EA seem to have put NFS on the back burner for a few years as they realised now releasing a new one each year doens't work.

Future Buro have also started an agency blog. Good luck guys.

November 25, 2008

NXE is here

Xbox have updated their interface nick named NXE (New Xbox Experience). It's now much sexier and easier to use. They also have added avatars which isn't too far from Nintendo's Mii characters. Although one thing Xbox have done is that the NXE avatars will feature clothes you can purchase and hopefully they'll add more facial stuff later down the track.

Here's Soap's account KRONJOB avatar.

Just type in the account name into the file path

I love the fact you get a PNG automatically created. Nintendo need this!

I've also seen Fox has been advertising the new The Day The Earth Stood Still on the new interface (the first advertiser I think) I haven't seen what else Microsoft can offer in the new experience for advertisers but it's an interesting media choice. Although people spend less time in the dashboard than they do in games.

People may bash Microsoft but the Xbox is a pretty solid unit in terms of the experience it provides. Red Rings aside it has much more to offer than a PS3 or a Wii.

October 22, 2008

Fary Cry 2 Experience.

The Far Cry 2 Experience site has more in game footage than you can poke a stick at. The game looks pretty solid too.

Im not a fan of the 12 hr delay on the multiplayer Jackal Hunt game though.

Here's my Far Cry 2 profile below. I had to enter my email address to get this which is a bit cheeky.

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