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November 19, 2006

One Car, Six journeys - Mercedes


I've had the luxury of working in some of the best studios that London has to offer in recent years, Agency Republic being amongst them in a big way - I really, really like this latest piece of work

It might have seemed difficult to surpass the recent (well this year anyways) A-S campaign (again from AR), but with the combination of great writing from real-world authors (yes... copywriters are still "real"), really lovely illustration, and smooth rolling animation - I think it's wonderful - and guess what - it communicates as well.

November 11, 2006

Ashes 06/07 Promotions

Rather than just promote the game we at Soap made I thought I'd cast a wider eye on the promotion of this years Ashes series.

For those outside of Australia & England this may mean little to you but this is Crickets equivalent of the World Cup. But only two countries compete.
Big Warnie
Agency: ?

The marketing started early this year with Big Warnie being launched on the English earlier in the year. With a 28ft tall Warnie being driven through London.
You can view the TVC's here
VB: Boonanza II
Agency: George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
The successful Boony campaign is back again this time with Ian "Beefy" Botham in tow. Boonanza II "Battle of the Tashes"

The dolls proved so popular last year they were selling on Ebay for as much as $200. And some still selling now.

Below is a sample of how the dolls work when you physically interact with them.

However the technology really shines when they comment after hearing audio triggers from the broadcast of the Ashes on TV.

There is also an internal timer inside which triggers the dolls to talk during certain times like the Melbourne Cup. If you have them both together they will also engage in small talk.

This was supported by a huge campaign promoting Boony (A cricket Hero) as the next Prime Minister. You can view the 2005 and 2006 ads on Youtube.

A full breakdown of the campaign can be seen here.

Roadshow: Ashes Clashes Backyard Classic Catch Game
Agency: Soap Creative
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Then there's our little Classic Catch game to promote not the Ashes but a DVD covering the last 35 years of the Ashes.

This is one of my fav games I've been involved in.

3: Mobile Ashes
Agency: Euro RSCG 4D

With 3 as the principal sponsor for the Ashes you'd expect something big. They are pushing their live coverage of the Ashes on the 3 phones with a "virtual stadium" where users can upload their face to show support for either team and go into the draw to win tickets.
Wolf Blass : Chant for your Army
Agency: Clemenger Blue
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Here is another virtual stadium for Wolf Blass called Chant for your Army but this one is executred really well. You can also type in a chant and have it spoken back to you (even if it is in a computer type drone) it's still as funny as it used to be typing rude words in on an old Mac.

Ford: Tonk a Pom
Agency: WDG
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Another beautiful looking site this time for Ford called Tonk a Pom. There's a Backyard cricket game which is similar to the Bring it on Game or really like the whack a penguin game that was so popular.

This one is very nicely polished and probably has more client product product showcased in the microsite than all the others combined but does its nicely.

ps. What does tonk mean?

Herald Sun: Stick it to the Poms
Agency: Visual Jazz
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg To promote the collectable pins available in the newspaper the Herland Sun created this nice cricket game.

Daily Telegraph : Australia Strikes Back
Agency: Tribal DDB
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Like the saga that is Star Wars the Ashes series is a long and complicated, intertwined story.

Get an quick update on what's happened over the years with this funny animation.

Much in the same vein as 42 Below's style of story telling. Which is just fucking GAY!

Virgin Atlantic Slashes
Agency: NetX
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Post a sledge upon to support your team.

The part I like about this site is the classic sledges.

Gatorade Is it In You?
Agency: Tribal DDB
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Join Yabba as he starts the Aussie Posse on Is it In You

Yabba, the aussie character who makes you cringe to think this was an Aussie agency who did this, looks like he's never drunk Gatorade before in his life. With lots to do on the
Red Label Cricket
Agency: Unknown
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Not much to see here for Jonnie Walker's Red Label Cricket but I couldn't be bothered signing up to the members area.
Classic Ashes Catches
Agency: Unknown
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg Why it's hard not to biased when you do the same concept I will say this Classic Catch game for Commonwealth Bank has twice as many characters to choose from :)
Fox Sports: Stick Cricket
Fox Sports have brought out the big guns with a hosted version of Stick Cricket. Probably the most popular Cricket game on the web and a big contribute to time wasting around the world.

NineMSN: Ashes Mini site
NineMSN have produced a Ashes mini site which contains info, videos and a trivia game.

You can also download these adorable Ashes Meegos for you Messenger program.
SMH: Ashes Mini site
SMH's Ashes mini site contains all the usual info but will need to offer something more in the coming weeks to compete against the other publishers offerings.
XXXX: Beach Cricket Tri-Nations
Agency: Fluoro


XXXX have gone all out this year by creating a Beach Cricket Series which will play out across Australia after the Ashes is finished. Perfect for those Poms who just won't go home :)

They've enlisted three former captains from the game with Border, Gooch and Walsh heading up the teams and the TVC's

For those that can't make it you can play the online game version.
Sky: Defend the Ashes Game
Agency: Glue London
Here's another fun flash game I was sent from Sky in the UK.

This game is really fun to play and nicely polished.
Channel 4: Bring it on Game
Agency: Hollar
Another game from the UK, this time for Channel 4. I'm unsure if there is a TV show connected with this but they have some beardo cricket fan who is pretty scary.

I like what happens when you choose to play the Aussie's.
Test Catch Cricket
Agency: Inbox Digital
classic_catch_bb_tmb.jpg I'm not 100% sure this is for the 06/07 series but anyway it's a fun cricket game for First National in the UK.

If you have seen any other promotions for the Ashes around, from anywhere in the world, please send them in to us via the submit page.

November 7, 2006



What better way to sell a $400 USD blender than show it blending all sorts of household items. Going back to the good old days of advertising where people actually demonstrated the products in the ads.

My fav is the bag of marbles into dust.

They've put together a site called Will it Blend (much more interesting than the Late Show's Will it Float) which contains all the videos and product information.

It's certainly entertaining and will put the Blendtec brand in front of millions of people without them having to spend millions on product placement, endorsements or traditional media. Great work.

October 31, 2006

Double Trouble


HOST have launched a new promotion for McKenna Bourbon touting two girls nicknamed Double Trouble.

As a flash guy I'm most interested in the ability to ring a phone number and have your voice recorded to a web application.

I would have liked to have seen more from this than just the ability to prank a mate with the fake radio video but I understand again time and budget restraints.

October 25, 2006

Saw III Youtube

To promote Saw 3 Lions Gate created a Youtube specific video. It also alludes to a code (ala LOST) but this one is a little easier to decipher. It's good to see people seeing Youtube videos as a whole new medium to utilize and not just plonk the standard trailer up there. It's sad the code didn't actually lead anywhere specific though.

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