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April 22, 2009


Ha ha.

A minor work of genius from Poke.

Here I was twittering about how crap the iPhone apps for Westpac and Commbank were, and how they've jumped in without thinking:

"Lets do an iPhone app (or was that the agency) - "yeah" and then... What they end up with is a glorified portal on the iphone linking to the netbank etc through the browser within the iphone. Granted they both use your GPS to show you where a branch or ATM are.. but I want something a bit more useful (or fun - like a lightsaber) from my apps - even if they are for free.

Like, maybe, an iphone banking app that uses cool stuff to make my transactions easier and fun - at least? I mean I keep hearing from hardcore coders that there's a fairly hefty investment in programming apps, and why would you bother for something that's solved with a couple of bookmarks in existing app?

And then i saw this - it even make sme sound smarter - like I'm British or sumfink.

it's a lot "cleaner" than an idea which I was floating about a few months back - it has a mouth, but not as much talking. If anyone wants to put their hand up to program "that" then email me now, please

April 10, 2009

Lynx: Primal Instinct

Lynx (Axe everywhere else) has released a new fragrance "Instinct" along with a new campaign based on the adventures of a caveman called Flex.

Here's the current Instinct TVC production by Passion Pictures.

Catchy song. For those that don't remember the original film clip here it is

The BBH and Acne Digital in the UK has created a micro site/game called "The Roar Off" and invites guys to roar into the microphone to "earn their leather" or "Unleash the Man Leather" which doesn't sound as manly when you say it out loud :)


There was also a viral video to promote the UK's game but this didn't set the world on fire.

Soap worked on the Australian campaign which took a different approach creating a multi-player game in which the players walk around a pre-historic world "saving" cave babes from the impending Ice Age. In Lynx Primal Instinct the emphasis was on engaging the users over a longer period of time rather than a single one off experience. Oh and also catered for those that don't have a microphone.


Soap also worked with the media agency to have babe codes put into print Ralph and FHM ads in addition to online ads which rewarded users extra points. It also allowed Unilever to track response rates on the various media.

Players can also play a sexy game of Pre-Historic Paper, Rock, Scissors with the cave babes.


You can also check out the Rock, Paper, Scissors and Roar takeover banners from this campaign here.

This was Soap's first campaign for Lynx since winning the digital account in late 2008.

Disclaimer: I'm a partner at Soap and rather that write the post in first person decided to just throw this at the end.

March 1, 2009



Anyone who has created a site in the USA with a registration form will know COPPA. Introducing COPPA Kids

"Real world excuses kids put out to let down the age-gate… via a community manager at a very large website"

This really should be on Twitter.

February 18, 2009

Hijack Online Comps for Causes

Julian is using the competition money from a comp to be donated to the Bush Fire Appeal. More details here

The company Smith chips has already donated $10,000 for their "biggest Facebook group" comp which ended up being 119,000+ members. Anyway you look at it Samboy chips got their name out and the money went to a good cause. Win win. The purpose of the campaign was to get word out there of the chips returning and they have succeeded. I wonder how long this trend will last?

If only we could hijack the TV ratings in Australia and start getting decent shit on the box.

February 14, 2009

Mr Internet

Fresh out of CP+B for PLUM TV, this is Mr Internet (episode 3):

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