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February 24, 2006


Poke [UK] has just launched this fun site that lets you create a custom doodle. The art direction on this is fantastic and I love the re drawn doodles (although some look a little scary).

The promotion is helping to raise money for research into Male cancer.

Check out Cock-A-Doodle.

You can donate your hard earned cash here.

Let's hope they do another one for cervical cancer :)

February 10, 2006

MI:3 The Ultimate Mission


Paramount Pictures has begun an ambitious online promotion entitles The Ultimate Mission. The first mission has begun with a new one being released every Monday for 15 weeks (up until the films release)

The missions are not your standard guess an answer though. The first required me to watch the MI:3 Superbowl trailer and google the License plate from the spot. By partnering with google they were able to set this up.

I'll be looking forward now to the remaining 14 missions and interested to see if they use Google Earth of other web technologies to make the missions more interesting.

From the looks of it there is 35,000+ registered users so it seems to be going OK so far. My only concern was there was little to do on the site after the mission ended. There is a chat forum but who wants to talk to other nerds like me.

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