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December 22, 2008

120+ Agency & Brand Christmas Cards

UPDATE: Check out 2009's Advertising Agency Christmas Cards here.


120+ 170+ Agency Xmas and Brand Christmas for 2008 cards all in one spot.

View Full entry here

I was around 5 hrs into collating this list and I knew it was a bad idea in the first place. The agency christmas/xmas/holiday ecard is an interesting piece of communication. This year I have searched far and wide (well my Google Reader feeds) and found over 120 (170) xmas cards by agencies big and small, post production houses and brands from around the world.

With the global economic downturn you would expect there to be less of these but quite the opposite. Or maybe I'm just better at finding them.

For a breakdown of the major trends and changes from last year scroll the to the bottom.

I have also separated these into agencies (ad, design, digital), production houses, brands and misc this year.

If we have missed your agencies or brand's Xmas message don't worry. Just email us or comment below and we'll add it in.

Get reading for some hardcore scrolling as this list goes on for a while. No particular order. It was time consuming enough to just collate them!

Agencies: inc digital, design

M&C Saatchi [UK] 400 Gifts Video
Lowe London [UK] Sings for You
Special Movies [UK] Augmented Xmas Vid

Bullseye [AU] Xmas Hamper
AKQA [US] Microwaves
AHD [UK] AHD168 Homeless 3D Robot

Clemenger Blue[AU] Extreme Xmas II
Wunderman [UK] Rudolf Rodeo
W+K [UK] Christmas Card Maker

Liggett [US] Merry Music Mixer
JWT [AU] Xmas Gift Shop
HOST [AU] Homeless Christmas Card

Poke [US] Global Naughty Nice List
Dieste [US] Keyboard Hero
Thought [UK] Jolly Lard-O

White + Partners [US] Bad Elf Bailout
JWT [US] Albert
CP+B [US] Hero Factory

AMP London[UK] Andy's Story
RMG Connect [AU] Elf Keep Em Up
Farrow Design [UK] Snow

JVM [DE] Interactive Choir

Collective [UK] Xmas Lights Anger

Publicis & Hal Riney [US] Prepologize

GdB [US] Gladmen

Firehouse [US] Pickle Christmas

Greteman Group [US] Naughty or Nice Vouchers

Sonaa [UK] Tiny Carols

Boxer [UK] Food Fight

Switch Interactive[CA] Puck Off

Colle + McVoy[US] Snowdin (more info)

Concerto [CA] Daddy Wants a Strategy

Damashek Consulting [US] Fantastical Curios

Bloc Media [AU] Xmas Message

Attik [UK] Times Square

AMV BBDO [UK] Office Front

Spirituc [PT] Be The Santa Claus

07 [AU] Christmas Tree

Eskimo [UK] Holding Page

Poll & Pillow [HK] Kissmas

St Luke's [UK] Global Snowball Fight

Good Creative[UK] Xmas Email

Viridian [UK] Xmas Scene Maker

Un.Titled [UK] Santa's Beard

Ci [CA] Another Black Christmas

Fitch [UK] Stop Motion

Connect Group [UK] Skating Letters

Enigmind [CO] Boogie Christmas

Stiff Rowlands [UK] Google Maps Good Deeds

Ogilvy [US] iPhone App

Orange Coat [US] Circa 1983

Geary [US]

Tellart [US] Augmented Snowflakes

The Hallway[AU] Beached Santas

Frame [UK] Merry Kissmas

Lewis [UK] Christmas Olympics

IQ Interactive [US] Merry Match

Evoke Labs [AU] Penguin

Dig For Fire [UK] HOHOHO Jokes

Katapult [UK] Sounds of the Studio

vStream [IE] Web TV

Mintz & Hoke [US] Virtual Gift Grab

Think Interactive [US] Holiday Decorator

Creative b'stro [US] Work shop

Zugara [US] Santa Movie Mashups

Profero [AU] Modo

Smart [UK] Snow Globe

Communicate New Media [CA] Holiday Express

Hyphen [UK] Card 2008

Cube [UK] Bobble Heads

Spider Online [UK]

RBH [UK] Cardboard Xmas

Whitespace [UK] Xmas X Factor

Elastic [UK] Elastic Orchestra

BD [UK] Lights

Tangerine PR [UK] 3D Video

Dog Digital [UK] Christmas Coverup

Home [UK] Let It Snow

Ten Alps [UK] Lights

Jam Hot [UK]

Access Advertising [UK] Paper Folding

Teabag [UK] Gingerbread Rock

Tic Toc [UK] Pimp My Snowman

Twentysix [UK] Turkey Song

Citypress [UK] Just a snowman

AWA [UK] Curtains Up

Logistik [UK] Seasonal Shooter

Cube [UK] Bobble Heads

Make [UK] Shhh!TV

Workhouse [UK]

Firstborn [US] Different Gifts

Bluestone360 [UK] Paper Fight

Litfuse [US] Xmas Treats

Frost* [AU] Stack of Books

Tribal DDB [AU] Light Drawing

McCann [BR] Funk de Natal

Production Houses

Buzz [CA] Enjoy Bubbles

Hungry Man [US] Amazing Jake

Framestore [UK] Seasongs Greetings from Desperaux

Thwak [US] Bring the Toyz

CPX [US] Snowball Fight

Golden sq [UK] Credit Crunch Your Christmas

Bar1 [US] Santa's Dead

One Up Web [US] North Pole Complaints Department

Kaiser Grafix [DE] Musical Advent Calendar

Mediacom [UK]

Woodpeker Film [FI] Rare Exports

Axis Animation [UK]

Made In England [UK] Christmas Cheat Sheet

Brands inc charities

Macys [US] Be Claus

EMI [AU] 2009 Mix Tape

PETA [US] Snowball Fight

Ace Hardware[US] Ace Your Face

Apple [US] Tree | Animated

Petcentric[US] Critter Carols

Swedish Opera[SE] Nötknäpp-

Memeo [US] Made Up Memories

Winsper [US] Winsper Wonderland

Ben & Jerry's [UK] Christmas Cowal

Yahoo! [US] Emoticaroloers

Virgin Mobile [US] Message from Mrs Claus

Motorola [US] Santas Attack

America's Power [US] Coal Carolers (whoops)

DeBeers [US] Moment Gallery

Sprint [US] Choir

Lucky Brand [US] The Buck off

Ceiva [US] Sit on Santas Lap

Palm [US] Claus

Sephora [US] Mistletoe Makeover

McDonalds [US] Cofee-Ring Snowflake

Marvel [US] Marvel Xmas Special

Marvel Kids [US] SHS House

Sprint [US] Gingerbreadman with Everything

Decathlon [FR] Gift Chooser

Orange [FR] Noel Calendar

Nabisco [US] Magical Crackers

???? [JP] Love Distance

Dragon [US] Frozen Pole

Firebox [UK] Crap Wrap

BBC [UK] Breathing Places (Youtube)

JCPenny [US] The Doghouse

Chapman [UK] Gingerbreadman with Everything

KFC [US] Xmas Lights Comp

SpinVox [UK] Wishing Well

Vodafone [AU] Christmas Clones

Design Council [UK] Xmas Lights

T-Mobile [US] Message in Lights

Uniqlo [JP] Grid (Updated for Xmas)

D&AD [UK] 63-08 Annual Greetings

Aldo Shoes [US] Snowflakes

Myla [US] Seductive Christmas Calendar

Office Max [US] Elf Yourself v3

Coke [BR] Natal

Stella Artois [BE] Le Noel Paper Dove

Telus [CA] Gift Guide

Youtube [US] Video Ecards

Arcelik [TR] Wishing Sky

Virgin Blue [AU] Snow Drome

Sony [US] LBP Xmas Sackboys

Deacons [AU] Doves & Stuff

Brasil Telecom [BR] Pimp My Xmas

Misc (Won't fit into any of the above)

Twisted Sister: Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Beer tree

Webcam Julia [DE] Ring My Bells

Bleed The World

A Charlie Brown Ad Agency

Microsoft [US] Xbox Theme

I Am Saint Nick [US]


Criterion Games: Burnout Xmas

Malcolm Turnball [AU]

Other Xmas Related Lists

YBNBY: Top Ten Rules for the Office Holiday Party

Mochi's Top Holiday Flash Games

Bad Local TV ads Christmas Edition

Unusual Xmas Trees

CR Blog (I stole many links from here)

Kotaku's Game Publisher Xmas Cards

io9's Sci-Fi Christmas Special

Christmas with Weezer from Tapulos

Hubs.TV Christmas Special

Phew... You do not want to know how long this took to put together!

Here are my top 3 non brand Xmas cards. If you can't be bothered checking them all out

A Charlie Brown Ad Agency

Woodpeker Film [FI] Rare Exports
AKQA [US] Microwaves

Update: My new fav after seeing all the new entries is Zugara's Movie Mashup.
Zugara [US] Santa Movie Mashups

And my top 3 for branded Xmas activities

JCPenny [US] The Doghouse

DeBeers [US] Moment Gallery

Vodafone [AU] Christmas Clones

What are you top 3? Please comment below.

Also some top level analytics about this year's crop (Updated!)

Total Xmas Cards: 176 Format: Featuring:
Self Promo: 108
For a client: 52
Non Interactive Video: 24
Games: 18
Upload Your Face: 15
Non Flash: 5
iPhone Apps: 2
Google Maps: 1
Staff Members: 34
Santa: 19
Charity Donations: 10
Elves: 8
Animals: 8
Economic Downturn: 4
Augmented Reality: 3
Real World Tie In: 3
Midgets: 3
Snowflakes: 2
Snowglobes: 2
The Environment: 2
Web Cams: 1
Nativity/Jesus: 0
Bodily Functions: 0
Live Streaming Video Feed: 0

Note: Links stolen from Adrants, YBNBY, CR blog, Notcot, The Drum and TheFWA

Let's end on this very politically correct and non sexist greeting from Black Dynamite

Ok that's probably a bad image to leave in your mind. How about this?

Much better. Happy Holidays from everyone at Bannerblog.

I also want to make a special shout out to this post on mUmBRELLA. Ouch Merry Xmas!

Here is the 2007 and 2006 lists.


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