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September 8, 2010

Delhi Yourself with Foxtel


To help promote that Foxtel is the official broadcaster of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, Foxtel are giving everyone a chance to Delhi Themselves. All people have to do is add the Facebook app and it will submit their profile photo to be hand illustrated Indian style. It takes between 12-24hrs for the photos to created but the results have been great so far.

I'm still waiting for my profile pic to be created.

Disclaimer: Campaign by Soap where I work but I (sadly) didn't have anything to do with this one.

September 2, 2010

Tipp-Ex launches 'White & Rewrite' interactive YouTube experience


Tipp-Ex, a brand of correction fluid, has launched an interactive YouTube campaign inviting users to White & Rewrite the title of a video in which a hunter attempts to shoot a bear. While it's very much a Subservient Chicken clone, it's still a nice adaption to YouTube & the product.

Title Entry Suggestions : tickles, marries, punches, cuddles, marries, shoots, jumps, pulls, hip hops with

Visit : Tipp-Ex Experience YouTube Channel

August 25, 2010

Smarties launches Branded Content campaign

Trailer for the 8-part series.

JWT Sydney has launched a campaign for Nestle Smarties (Australia) that followed 8 kids who were each teamed with an artist to create an artwork inspired by one of the eight Smarties colours. The artists were a mix of musicians, sculpters, dance choreographers, photographers and spoken word and installation artists. Summer Agnew, Director of Curious Films shot the project around Sydney over four weeks with post handled by FSM and music by Nylon

“We wanted to use Smarties colour to inspire parents and kids to be creative and above all, have fun,” explained Angus Hennah, JWT Sydney ECD.

“The journey each artist and child take to create their artwork is just as captivating as the final piece itself,” adds Hennah.

The campaign launches with the colour Blue interpreted by Raymond (musician) and Jonathan (kid). Families can watch the projects unfold at YouTube and make their own fun at Facebook

“The JWT campaign is another great example of how Nestlé brands can use digital to create a richer and more engaging relationship with their target consumers. Digital is a great tool for generating loyalty” adds John Broome, Head of Marketing for Nestlé Confectionery & Snacks.

DMACS Call For Entries Announced

The 5th Annual Digital Media Advertising Creative Showcase & Awards Call For Entries:

Submission Deadline 9 pm EST September 1, 2010

Los Angeles --- Susan Lambert and 134 West are pleased to announce that the Digital Media Advertising Creative Showcase 2010 (DMACS 2010) is accepting submissions for the fifth annual DMACS Awards. DMACS 2010 is looking for the best creative in digital entertainment marketing using innovative rich media, digital and video content. The submission deadline is 9PM PST, September 1, 2010 and finalists will be announced October 4, 2010. All nominated campaigns will be posted on the official DMACS website,, for industry review. Winners will be announced live at the Awards ceremony taking place October 14, 2010, at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles.The event is presented by Susan Lambert, produced by 134 West and sponsored by DoubleClick.

All creative must be for entertainment titles that were released between September 15, 2009, and September 13, 2010. Submissions are accepted for digital rich media creative for entertainment releases/launches of Theatrical Movies, Home Entertainment properties, Broadcast Television properties and Video Games with the latter two categories added this year. There are also awards for the best use of YouTube and the best Multichannel Cross Media campaign.

“The Digital Media Advertising Creative Showcase is dedicated to recognizing the best in digital and rich media marketing for the entertainment industry,” says Susan Lambert, owner and Creative Director of 134 West. “The DMACS is intended to create an intimate and inspiring environment where entertainment marketing decision-makers, digital design creative teams and rich media technology experts can share the most cutting edge and innovative interactive digital advertising and explore the leading trends in digital marketing.”

The first annual DMACS (originally called IMACS) was held in May 2006 and was the first and only event dedicated to showcasing the best creative in interactive digital advertising for movies. The DMACS have since expanded to recognize cutting edge creative efforts in digital advertising around multiple entertainment categories. Winners in each category will receive recognition by their industry peers, the opportunity to present to the live audience at the DGA, inclusion in the printed event program, two award trophies (one each for the studio/network and creative agency) and cool prizes.


About Susan Lambert and 134 West

An award-winning creative producer and entertainment consultant, Susan Lambert is the founder of the DMACS Awards and a passionate advocate for creative and groundbreaking marketing and media. As Director of Creative Content at Walt Disney Studios, Susan produced content for over 100 movies, including creating strategic launch plans, websites, viral content, mobile and search initiatives and online advertising campaigns for Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. As founder and Creative Director of 134 West, LLC, Susan is a creative consultant and producer who has worked for several agencies and independent filmmakers on strategy, websites, rich media ads, social engagement, transmedia, viral marketing and mobile content. Susan is the winner of a Key Art, a Clio, an LA Addy, and numerous web and best movie website awards. She has served on the board for the Producer’s Guild New Media Council and holds an M.F.A and B. A. from USC’s School of Cinema/Television.

Visit for more information

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