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March 17, 2011


Banner+aid helps the online community to give their paid banner advertising a temporary makeover and help spread the word for charities to give to those in need.


It's a webpage process that enables flash banners to be labeled with a special corner that expands to reveal messages for charity. It's a way for worthy causes to piggyback on paid for media without cost. It's a way for business and media buying companies to show support for people in need.

The cause of the moment is Red Cross helping those in need through Japanese quake and Pacific Tsunami.

The additional layer does not affect the existing messaging, animation, click through or interaction within the original banner that was uploaded in most cases. The total extra file weight of the processed banner is around 6kb.

Formats supported are all standard IAB sizes (300x250 MREC, 160x600 Widesky, 120x600 Sky, 468x60 standard banner and 420x600 Monster).

Anybody advertising online can upload and process a banner to contain the added layer by visiting , and use the updated outputted banner to replace existing trafficked banner ads OR as a final step before trafficking a new banner.

Banner+Aid is a not for profit messaging tool which allocates it's messages to a current and visible cause, by offering a direct link through to a donation page or other relevant information areas from within existing online display banners.

Help spread the word guys.

March 8, 2011

DoubleClick HTML5 Contest

Find out more details here:

Take the HTML5 Challenge and win a YouTube Masthead for the day

Overview of Competition
HTML5 enables you to take advantage of multimedia content and allows you to stretch your creative skills. The HTML5 challenge is an opportunity to show how you can combine creativity and innovation; design a YouTube Masthead using DoubleClick Rich Media Studio & HTML5 and win a chance to have your mast head on YouTube for a day.

Creative Guidelines

  • Creative should represent innovative execution of HTML5.
  • Creative agency logo or signature should be included but should not dominate the creative execution
  • Creative for clients are not eligible for submission
  • Creative must be developed and uploaded using your DoubleClick Rich Media Account
  • Creative should be a YouTube Masthead and follow the technical specs listed here

  • Winners will be selected at the country level UK, FR, DE & IT
  • Agency providing the winning creative in UK, FR, DE, IT will be flown to an award ceremony in London in June (max 3 team members per agency)
  • Masthead element of the winning campaign will be run on the the You Tube home page for the respective country at a date at the discretion of the YouTube team


  • Open to all, creative agency and freelancers in UK, FR, DE & IT.
  • Must have a Double Click Studio Account - sign up here

Expression of Interest : March 1 - March 31

  • Sign up to express interest you will then be contacted when submission window opens

Submission of Entries : 1st April - 23rd May

  • Submit details of entry via website
  • Submit creative via Double Click Studio

Judging : 23rd May - 1st June

  • Panel: D&AD, Andy Berndt VP Creative Lab Google, Emily Hare Contagious, Scott Harmes Creative Consultant Double Click Rich Media

Award: June

  • Award cermony at Google Jam

February 21, 2011

Rear View Girls is for Levis?

I noticed this video was everywhere last week as I was seeding my own video "Sexy Rubik's Cube Solve" every site I went to submit it to this was already there and gaining views fast. I liked it, a unique social experiment.

But now after almost 5 million views (and one of the top videos around the world) Rear View Girls has been revealed as a viral for Levis? Was the plan to sit back and wait for it to succeed before attaching the brand to it? Did Levis this that having the brand involved would hurt the views?

Maybe Levis need to check out what Samsung has been doing with their viral videos. Millions of views AND the brand right there from the start (well the end of the video on some) but that didn't stop it going "viral".

Ray Ban have been doing this with their Never Hide films. This time the branding is a little more subtle but it's all about the product.

I'm not hating on the rear view girls video (it's still awesome) I just think brands should not be ashamed of themselves and be brave enough to support what is a good video from the start. Unbranded virals with a press release later are useless.

The majority of people who have seen the video will miss the important link back to the brand and it didn't need to be that way.

February 20, 2011

25 Awesome Youtube Takeovers

We've seen an increasing number of Youtube Takeovers being submitted to us so we thought we'd create the definitive guide to them. Here are 25 Examples of Youtube Takeovers.

I know the title says 25 "Awesome" Yotutube Takeovers but we have put every examples we found but the title works better as linkbait. Sorry about that.

Use the like buttons to vote so we can see what is the most liked from all the examples.

If you have an example we have missed submit it to us.

This is what we can "case zero" in the Youtube takeover epidemic. It's original, surprising and really well done. You can grab the elements and throw them around yourself.
A recent addition for the Nexus S. The Ninja's un boxing is not only one of the best executed takeovers it also has a nice easter egg for those that hit the replay button, again and again and again.
Mixing Youtube takeover and Subservient Chicken into one amazing experience. While making ads for White Out is almost as scammy as Ketchup or Tabasco sauce you can't help but love this.
It's amazing how such a small tweak, such as shape, can make such a difference. Altering something as ubiquitous as the Youtube player really caused a stir with this campaign for Cadbury.
This was the first takeover to star a Hollywood star and contains your recommended dietary intake of explosions, guns and cheese.

Studios take note. Getting your actual stars to perform in web advertising makes it so much easier for agencies and more effective. It does help that Stallone produced the film so he had a vested interest in making it work.

Note: I have embedded the video as the actual Expendables Youtube page loads very slow for me.
Chrome Fastball is a great mix of game and Rube Goldberg machine.
While not technically a takeover we have seen an increase in putting interactive content at the top of channel pages. Such as this one for Trivial Pursuit. Replicating your site assets on the channel gives your content just another way to be viewed. The only downside is the additional cost to do something like this. It's not as "viral" as the other examples.
It's not just Youtube that has been experimenting with takeovers. Vimeo, Break, Gamespot and Gametrailers and many others have given advertisers creative freedom to have fun. title theirs "Rumble Trailers" and for some reason has not kept an archive of them. If you have a video or the link to the original Crank rumble trailers let us know.

And for video games and films the trailer is the single most important piece of communication.
Daybreakers rumble trailer on What makes these appealing to studios is they don't require any special video to be shot. You are simply extending the experience beyond the trailer.
Let It Shine for the Honda Insight was the first takeover for Vimeo. Again a simple, but effective, extent ion of the video around the page made this video work that much harder.
Someone decided to take down the actual video page !? but thankfully someone captured the Tostitos vimeo takeover for "And Then There Was Salsa"
This takeover for Resident Evil on was featured back in 2009 and was the first we had seen with a game element to it. It's encouraging to see the smaller media sites getting into this also.
This Gamespot takeover by the same people as the Resident Evil one falls into the "maximum awesome but maximum file size" issue.
Here is the rest of the Youtube Takeovers we have spotted. Listed in no particular order.  
You can't go wrong with funny little characters. This takeover for Despicable Me has a lot of little gags in it.
Samsung 3D Event takeover also features a game. Video embedding as the live page doesn't stream nicely at all.
The new black Beetle ad has an amazing behind the $cene$ video.
Ever wanted to leave a standup comedy show but couldn't because you've sat at the front and the comedian is looking right at you. I felt like that watching this. Still I hadn't seen this execution before for Snickers.
Another rumble trailer, this time for the film Firebreather. Youtube would have to be the most destroyed site on the internet.
Ahh yes the Kit Kat ad destroys the Youtube page....
I see this ad for Schick Hydro fills the page with water...
To show me how I can choose one of the many ugly colorful themes for my Chrome browser I can also customize the Youtube page....
The Tooheys Extra Dry ad takes over my Youtube page. Nice syncing with the ad.
This Ice Break Youtube channel collapses to reveal a game you can play.
Here is evidence that you should never get high before approving story boards for a Youtube Takeover. I have no idea what is going on here. Also the auto play trailer further down breaks the experience. Please explain. (説明してください。)
This example for the Suzuki Swift is a nice extent ion of their parkour TVC
Here's a takeover of MSN for Braquo a French TV series on Canal+
They also did a Youtube homepage takeover.  
Speaking of Youtube homepage takeovers we featured this one for Madden back in 2009 and it's still one of our faves.
We have tried to collect all the examples out there but this is by no means all of the examples. Please submit your Youtube takeovers to us so we can create the definitive list.

Also here are a few tips from us if you're thinking of creating one.

  1. Use a CDN to distribute your file. Many of the examples above load VERY slow or don't stream properly which ruins the experience
  2. Plan for longevity. Don't take the video or page down after 3 months. Make sure you have a plan to keep it up for sites like us :)
  3. Try something new. Just destroying the page is getting old now.

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